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DragonVale is a dragon training game developed by Backflip Games who are best known for its DragonVale franchise. The game allows you to train hundreds of dragons by playing with the people around the world.

Here you will get the chance to participate in a number of events, cast enchantment spells, breed, and hatch and feed your dragons to grab a bundle of rewards in the game waiting for you to be claimed.

Here we have some really cool tips, and DragonVale Cheats for you, which can help you reap a significant amount of rewards in DragonVale.

Top 8 DragonVale Cheats And Hacks For Free Coins Gems

1. Get Enough Habitats

Once you start playing the game, you will need to get a large number of habitats as possible. The more will be the habitat, the better will be the rewards. This DragonVale hack will help you earn better rewards as compared to any non-legit DragonVale mod apk.

The task does not over here only. The next thing you need to do to increase your earning is to get enough dragons also in your habitats. You cannot make in DragonVale without having any dragon in your habitat.

Another DragonVale Cheats is to start breeding the common dragons in the beginning. The reason behind this is that the rare dragons take a longer time to produce than the ones which are common. In the beginning, try to go after the common dragons only to grab coins regularly.

2. Keep Experimenting

This DragonVale Hack is the most critical task of the game. Breeding your dragons is the primary task of the game but here experimenting is also very important. Not only bread, but experimenting is also very important in the game. You can breed one dragon with another to get a new dragon.

The more you will breed in the game, and the better will be the earning in the game. With this DragonVale cheats, you will get the chance of unlocking different dragon by breeding your dragons. Overall we can say that your game entirely depends on breeding.

3. Keep Upgrading Your Habitats

Only getting more and more habitats is not enough in DragonVale. To get the best opportunities, your next DragonVale hacks to keep your habitats upgraded as much as possible. Every day, you will get the chance to enhance your habitat, always try to improve them to increase the space in your habitats.

These DragonVale Cheats are critical to proceed further in the game as it is not a very good idea to enjoy free space for a longer time in the game. Try to keep them upgraded as soon as you reach the next level.

4. Complete Goals And Achievements

The best thing to play a legitimate way without getting into the trap of DragonVale unlimited gems and coins Apk is to complete as many goals and Achievements in the game as possible. Both of these terms are very common to gamers. Everyone knows how rewarding these goals and Achievements are in a game.

In DragonVale, you will get numerous rewards, including DragonVale cash and some additional foods by clearing a number of goals and achievements.  By this DragonVale hack, you don’t have to go to look for any DragonVale hack apk and risk your online privacy. You can easily earn a handsome amount of coins and rewards to reach the higher levels in the game by enjoying it legitimately.

5. Connect On Social Media

Another DragonVale Cheats is to connect your game from social media or basically Facebook. By connecting your game from Facebook, you will get the chance of getting some extra and free gems. Another great advantage of connecting with Facebook is you will also get the benefit of enjoying the game’s premium features.

Coins and gems are the games’ premium currency and for earning that people usually end up opening websites promising dragon vale gems hacks and how to hack DragonVale. But to save you from getting into the trap we have this fantastic tip for you.

There are a lot of rewards, contests, quizzes available in the Facebook pages, which can make you earn these rewards in a simple way. Another benefit of this DragonVale Hack is you will get better opportunities by adding a large number of friends as you will get higher chances of asking free coins from friends.

6. Participate in The Weekend Events

There are a lot of contests and events in the game, which will help you reap numerous rewards. But these weekend events are the best DragonVale hack which can be a great deal for you to reap huge rewards in a single Event. If you are unable to play the daily events, this DragonVale cheats is always to try to participate in these weekend events.

In these weekend events, you will have to clear three stages per quest. These three stages get harder after each phase. You will start from the most straightforward step, and as the game will proceed, you have to face the most difficult ones.

The rewarding system in the weekend events is very different. Sometimes you will get the average rewards, but if your luck strikes, then you can even get the premium currencies dropped from the dev.

7. Storing Food And Gems

In DragonVale, food and gems are the most important thing for staying longer in the game. These DragonVale Cheats are to keep the right amount of food and gems stored in your account. These are the only DragonVale Gems hack. We have already discussed a lot about earning and saving the gems in the game, and now it comes to the food.

Food is essential in the game at many levels like at the time when an airship passes. Usually, the dragons will demand food when an airship flies pass by. So you also have to keep a good stock of food in the game. However, the gems, on the other hand, help you to get an artefact by spinning a reward wheel without using any DragonVale unlimited gems and coins apk.

8. Grow Food For Your Dragons

As discussed above, food is vital for dragons in DragonVale. Your dragons get hungry frequently in the game, which can sometimes make it impossible for you to keep an adequate amount.  This DragonVale hack will help you save a sufficient amount to feed your dragons by planting and growing some food for them.

Here you can plant some food in your habitat before going to sleep, and the next morning you will get your harvest ready for the use. There are various types of plants for you in the game to grow. You can choose among them, which takes less amount of time to develop.

Choosing plants that take less amount of time is crucial because you can’t invest too much time for growing food for your dragons as you can’t let your dragons suffer.

Avoid the use of DragonVale Coins Gems Generator

While reading all this, you must be thinking why I need to spend a lot of time and effort to earn coins and gems in the game when there are plenty of options available in the game like DragonVale mod apks and generators by which you can earn coins and gems easily.

But before clicking on any of the websites, we recommend you to check the authenticity of these websites as these run by fraudsters who want to steal away your online data for illegal purposes.


One of the oldest Dragon breeding game is DragonVale, and there are many gamers who are playing it without spending a dime. All they use are DragonVale cheats. By this article, we have mentioned those tips which are practical as well as do not threat your account.

Breeding is the ultimate aim of the game, and you have to use Dragon vale gen cheats to collect different dragons. So get into thousands of pf combinations of breeding and enjoy the ultimate fun.